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Why Ashdale

Why Ashdale
We Provide Practical Solutions Today

Our Premise: Choice Erodes Commitment

Our Goal: The Facilitation of Proper Choice in Business Development
In 1976, a typical supermarket had 9,000 items. Today it has over 50,000. While we all might like to think that the problem of choice is unique to the supermarket industry, we know it is not. The confusion that choice creates is especially evident in the areas of Business Finance and Business Development. Are you familiar with your choices?

  • How should our business evaluate financing resources?
  • What risks am I being exposed to and how might they be mitigated?
  • Should we explore the purchase of an existing business?
  • How much should our resources cost and how might we negotiate a better price?
  • Why hasn't my innovative company grown?
  • When should I consider growing or reducing my staff and/or resource needs?
  • What about market size, competition, current trends?
  • How can my services become cheaper, better, and faster, today?

Certainly there exists the need for a company to facilitate choice in these matters. That company is The Ashdale Group, Inc. Through our affiliation with funding providers (both public and private), service bureaus, and our own professional "in house" consulting team, we offer distinct solutions to the problems that choice creates.

The success of a company’s process is largely dependent upon that company’s dedication to its full and complete design and procedural implementation. This requires focus, drive and determination to achieve. Consequently, if a component should fail, structure is there to define where, when, how and why it occurred. Unfortunately, for most small businesses procedural guides don't exist. In those instances, The Ashdale Group, Inc. is available to assist. Through their methodical evaluation process, activities are reviewed and procedural guidelines are developed and implemented to restore operational integrity. With proper usage, both scheduled operator and relief back-up remain accountable for activity performance (or lack thereof), and process delegation is allowed to flow smoothly even during volatile times.

In yet another instance, while attempting to implement an internally generated improvement plan, employee focus and drive begin to wane as motivation weakens and frustration sets in. While stress and tension begin to build, productivity and process efficiency are replaced by complacency as camaraderie turns to suspicion. Once again, The Ashdale Group, Inc. is there to help. By focusing on the cause (process) and not the effect (behavior), we are able to determine the most efficient solution through procedural modification. This independent and observational perspective can also include standards of measurement for your implementation thereby strengthening your team’s level of commitment and accountability. Our ongoing follow-up procedure requires that you remain focused, affirming your desire for growth and improvement, which in turn will serve to invigorate your process and enhance productivity.

Primary Causes of Process Deficiency

  • Pricing: Your product might have become someone else's loss leader
  • Marketing: More efficient methods of production or distribution now exist
  • Competition: If there's a profit others will do it
  • Obsolescence: A “CD” replaced by the newer “DVD” or “Blu-ray” technology
  • Burnout: Team leaders begin to loose focus
  • Time: Hectic schedules don't allow for "observational" time
  • Change: Issues relating to family, health, finances and housing are always changing

Taking the time to periodically examine these deficiencies rejuvenates your business process. As always, you will be assured of an unbiased appraisal of your current process along with our suggestions for improvements that keep your best interests in mind. Whether on a quarterly, annual or other periodic basis, The Ashdale Group welcomes the opportunity to service your needs.

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