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Coaches are hired for the purpose of assisting you

Coaches are hired for the purpose of assisting you, our client, to produce better results at home or in the office. Sessions are process-oriented and designed to address your current needs, goals and objectives. After listening, asking questions and brainstorming ideas, the coach provides feedback to both challenge and support the client's learning process. Assistance to both set and achieve goals is strengthened and developed through the support of your coach by their helping to identify those skills, talents, abilities and experiences you already possess and personalizing them for you. The result is an individualized strategy designed to provide structure, guidance and support throughout the process, until you have accomplished those goals and objectives originally desired.

Star athletes, performers and business leaders have long understood that in order to derive the best from themselves, they needed the feedback, guidance, encouragement and support an objective professional coach can provide.

Personal or Business Coaching; Objectives & Enhancements

  1. Gain Confidence to Start a New Business.

  2. Improve Physical and Mental Well-being.

  3. Achieve Greater Success by Setting Better Goals.

  4. Embrace Failure as a Consequence of Success.

  5. Re-Ignite Personal Desire and Motivation.

  6. Greater Balance among Personal, Spiritual and Work Priorities.

  7. Refine and Improve Communication Techniques

  8. Improved Team Building and Performance.

  9. Enhance Customer Service Training.

  10. Demonstrate Better Communication Skills.

  11. Master Project Management.

  12. Effectively Assist Employee Performance Development.

  13. Increase Strategies for Outsourcing, Workplace Transitions and Product Expansion.

  14. Understand the Significance of Market Trends.

Educational Forums & Seminars

In addition to personal counseling, group presentations and talks on a variety of interesting topics are available to enhance a desired theme. (Understanding Bias, Buyer Confidentiality, Process Improvement, Understanding Risk, Investment Preparation, Financial Intermediaries, Networking, Effective Communication, Brainstorming, Failure: A Consequence of Success, etc., to name a few.)

How are fees structured?

Coaching fees begin with a $500 "get to know and understand you" session and vary according to the amount of contracted time and services extended. Although minimum commitments are recommended, services may be discontinued at any time. Personal or business coaching is typically offered by phone with sessions scheduled at the client's convenience. Each session ranges from thirty to sixty minutes in length and can occur as often as needed. If distance and time permits, sessions are even available in person, one on one.


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