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Plain Talk

Plain Talk
Let us help you brainstorm those troubles away!

The process begins by engaging us to sit down with you to discuss any problems and concerns you have so that our independent observations might present potential solutions and implementation alternatives.

1. Are the following difficult issues causing you stress and delay?

  • unfulfilled financial needs and obligations
  • limited advancement opportunities
  • personal and/or work related conflicts
  • compliance and/or regulatory concerns
  • communications difficulties
  • declining productivity

2. Does your "position" affect the implementation of those issues you seek to resolve?

  • Impartial appraisals affected by biased observations
  • Time management concerns hindered by lack of oversight
  • Unresolved internal disputes indicative of management indifference

3. Could you use an impartial assistant to brainstorm various needs or issues?

  • Employee satisfaction - Strategic partners - Client needs
  • Creditor obligations - Shareholder issues - Resource management

4. Are you in need of additional resources to enhance structure and promote growth?

  • Business planning - Financing alternatives - Negotiations assistance
  • Management expertise - Reorganization input - Advisory services

5. Or, do you simply need someone to listen, evaluate and offer assistance?

Then call The Ashdale Group, Inc. today @ (813) 651-1199

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