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Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement
Our method of evaluation is a three part process

Challenge: The successful businessperson/entrepreneur must effectively delegate task responsibilities on a daily basis. Often times growth comes so rapidly that there is little time to analyze, evaluate and evolve the degree of effectiveness of the process upon which that success has been built.

Goal: Our goal at The Ashdale Group, Inc., is to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your business through process simplification & refinement, reduction of redundant activities and improved process efficiency.

Process: Our method of evaluation is a three part process that involves; (1) information gathering; (2) business process identification and evaluation; and (3) suggestions for implementation of process improvements.

We accomplish this by separately addressing each of the critical areas of your business that we have determined need improving. These areas include; corporate planning, corporate communication, teamwork effectiveness, financial systems structuring and cost efficiency, product & service production/distribution systems and benefit plans analysis.

Why Us?: As an independent consultant we offer an unbiased and objective approach to the evaluation of your business process effectiveness. This is exactly the type of brainstorming and collaborative feedback necessary to maintain peak efficiency in your organization.

Results: Business success is achieved through innovative advancements in your process technique. Many of these "advancements" are undiscovered process efficiencies.

Periodic process review is an important regrouping strategy that often times results in the following process improvements:
  • Elimination of Job Redundancy

  • Clarified Business Structure

  • Systems Simplification

  • Process Streamlining

  • Rejuvenation of Corporate Communication

  • Refreshed "Big Picture" Visualization

  • Improved Partnering Relationships

  • Increased Employee Commitment

Follow-up: The continued success of the improvement process outlined above is dependent upon your commitment to a periodic maintenance program. This program is designed to insure that guidelines and systems for analysis and review currently in place remain relevant for your business as it evolves and prospers.

At The Ashdale Group, Inc., we define "Business Success" as the company process directed toward the fulfillment of a specific client goal for which payment is received.

By allowing us to offer our Business Process Improvement services, you demonstrate your desire to increase the velocity of your business success strategy. Thank you for your consideration.


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